Intergrate AddThis, AddToAny BookMarking into Joomla articles
Joomla 4.x PHP 8

JA Bookmark Plugin is a simple but powerful plugin, which allows seamless integration of AddThis or AddToAny Bookmarking services into Joomla articles. Choose the various button options right from the plugin back-end. It is easy to use, install and configure with option to enable it for all, enable for limited categories or individual articles or disable for individual articles too. One can even spice it up with color tweaks right from the back-end.

  • Support multiple bookmark services: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Enable bookmark manually or auto
  • Support multiple positions for Bookmark buttons
  • Support Joomla content and K2 content

Back-end settings screenshots

  • 1-basic-setting.png Basic Settings
  • advance-option-1.png Bookmark Service Settings
  • advance-option-2.png Services settings
  • basic-setting.png Basic Setting
  • custom-button-off.png Button style settings
  • custom-button-on.png Custom Button