Display your article list with meta keyword, images, title, description ...
Joomla 4.x PHP 8

JA Side News allows an easy and elegant display of an article list (from selected Joomla or K2 categories) with meta keyword ''Featured'', images, date, readmore link, title and description. It supports Joomla content and K2 content. The module comes with powerful admin panel that includes all built-in functionality.

  • Easy and elegant display of an article list
  • Support Joomla content and K2 content
  • 2 layouts supported by default
  • Show or hide article image
  • Show or hide Featured articles
  • Powerful admin panel

Live Demo

Default layout

Demo Article 1 Demo Article 1 2023-06-20 - Donec auctor molestie urna, non ultrices elit elementum in. Curabitur... More detail
Demo Article 2 Demo Article 2 2023-06-20 - Vivamus sed velit magna, eget tempor leo. Cras eget arcu vel... More detail
Demo Article 4 Demo Article 4 2023-06-20 - Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada... More detail
Demo Article 5 Demo Article 5 2023-06-20 - Morbi pulvinar gravida augue, ac blandit odio facilisis eu. Fusce... More detail
Demo Article 6 Demo Article 6 2023-06-20 - Aliquam pellentesque velit et augue viverra dapibus. Cras tempus... More detail

Side News Layout

Back-end settings screenshots

  • 1-content-setting.jpg Content Settings
  • 2-layout-setting.jpg Layout Settings
  • 3-image-setting.jpg Image Settings