"Laikas", Lithuanian for Time, is a short time lapse film I have been working on for the last couple months. It represents a visual contrast between nature and man-made chaos that reflects on the

"Laikas", Lithuanian for Time, is a short time lapse film I have been working on for the last couple months. It represents a visual contrast between nature and man-made chaos that reflects on the ever-changing environments we live in. 

This is a compilation of work shot over the last three years while traveling for commercial shoots and dedicated time lapse photo trips around the US. It was filmed across various cityscapes, along multiple dramatic coastlines, and above and below several spectacular mountain formations. I spent countless hours exploring new areas and waiting for the right conditions, while reflecting on the beauty around me and setting up time lapse equipment in hopes of capturing unique scenes.

This project started as a time lapse reel based on the variety of scenes I captured. There are a number of dramatic settings that seem very different when viewed separately, but as I started to edit, I began to see similarities between the movement of the oceans, mountains, and cities. There is a visual connection between passing storms and crowded streets, running water and sunsets to traffic, and the night sky to city lights.

I love shooting time lapses because the very essence of photographing hours that compress into seconds, dramatic changes in light and color that can only be revealed by speeding up time is magnificent. It’s an unbelievable feeling when an 8 second clip turns out after all the energy spent in the field and time editing.

Naming a photograph can be challenging, but it’s necessary to tell the story of a single moment in time. Naming 45,000 images that are processed into a couple minutes has been extremely difficult. I started to think about why I am driven by photography and what has inspired me to follow this path. As I reflected on these questions, it became clear. My Grandfather was always an inspiration growing up, and even more so after he passed and I had time to reflect on his life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Gvazdinskas is Lithuanian, and I wanted to make my first film a dedication to his inspiring memory. Laikas is the Lithuanian word for time and I feel this title captures the essence of the film and brings my inspiration, years of shooting, and months of post work to life.

A special thanks to all who have inspired me throughout this project! I spent so many hours watching films by Michael Shainblum, Gunther Wegner, Simon Christen, Tom Lowe, Eric Hines, Preston Kanak, Toby Harriman, Thomas O’Brien, and Shane Black. I want to thank all of the individuals who have created tutorials and shared countless hours of trial and error workflows and shooting techniques. Lastly, this film wouldn’t be what it is today without the ingenuity and revolutionary innovations of motion controlled equipment, camera supports and software engineers. The Emotimo TB3, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero and Stage One Bundles, Really Right Stuff Tripods and Ballheads, Adobe, LRTimelapse, and Granite Bay Software offer amazing products that create incredible production value.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:
John Gvazdinskas

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Camera, Motion controlled equipment, tripods/ballheads and software by:
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Emotimo - TB3 Black:
Dynamic Perception - Stage Zero and Stage One Bundles:
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Music by:
Artist: Cinema Life
Song: Beyond Your Mind